Here are some of the free apps available to download that might be useful to a child with autism. If you have any other useful apps that you would like to share with us, do email us and let us know at

Thank you!

Name Category Platform
ABA FLASH CARDS & GAMES Communication iPhone, iPad, iPod
ABC COLOURING BOOK - JUNE BLOSSOMS Creative Arts iPhone, iPad, iPod
ALEXICOM AAC FOR ANDROID Communication Android
ART OF GLOW Creative Arts Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod
AUDIOBOOKS Recreation iPhone, iPad, iPod
AUTISM iHELP Communication iPhone, iPad, iPod
AUTISM SPEECH DIEGO SAYS Communication Android
BRAINPOP FEATURED MOVIE Recreation iPhone, iPad, iPod
EMOTIONARY BY ME.MU Communication, Social Skills iPad
FINDME (AUTISM) Social Skills iPad
GREENDAY - AUTISM BEHAVIOR Behavioural Intervention Android
i.AM SEARCH Organizer iPhone, iPad, iPod
INTERACTIVE TOUCH BOOKS - FOR KIDS Recreation iPhone, iPad, iPod
iTOUCAN TALK (AUTISM) Communication Android
JABtalk Communication Android
KHAN ACADEMY Math Skills iPad
MEET HECKERTY Communication, Language, Social Skills Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod
MODEL ME GOING PLACES 2 Functional Skills, Social Skills iPhone, iPad, iPod
NIKI TALK Communication, Language Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod
PicTalk TODDLER Communication, Functional Skills, Language, Social Skills iPad
PicToDroid LITE Communication Android
PICTOGRAMS Communication Android
PUPPET PALS Creative Arts iPhone, iPad, iPod
PUT IT AWAY Functional Skills iPad
SINGING FINGERS Creative Arts iPhone, iPad, iPod
SOUNDINGBOARD Communication iPhone, iPad, iPod
SPEAKALL! Communication iPad
TALK ASSIST Communication iPhone, iPad, iPod
TOUCH & SAY Social Skills iPhone, iPad, iPod
TUNEVILLE Language iPhone, iPad, iPod
VIZZLE PLAYER Behavioural Intervention, Communication, Functional Skills, Language, Math Skills, Organizer, Social Skills Android tablets, iPad